Out riding with @rocket_pup@twitter.com and @chicagogear@twiter.com this weekend and stumbled on a hot air balloon race!

Cow-orker mentioned they've been distributing these stickers around everywhere and well clearly from an environmental perspective it's the only reasonable option

Finally got out on the bike this afternoon after taking it apart last week! Sir was horny over my bike leathers...

📸 @chicagogear@twitter.com

Sir left me unlocked last night so it's a chastity cleaning day! Nice vinegar soak for all the fiddly bits. These are the things that horrify me when people are putting superglue or rivets in their locks...

Getting more and more comfortable with drysuit diving, and I logged my 50th dive today!

This new catsuit was an experiment to see if I could go up to size L and have it still be tight enough. It seems to be successful and now hopefully I'll have less shoulder blowouts!

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I asked Sir for a straitjacket installation and wound up having 4 loads extracted...

If your gimp hasn't voted yet this month be sure to let them out just long enough to do so!

This new leather lined sleepsack is sooo amazingly thick, it's going to be dangerous when it's broken in...

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