... but I haven't sufficiently fetishized the old Tech 10 yet... t.co/uKFSt052jG

@ygltrem Please mark NSFW images as Sensitive Content (eye icon)

@Jimmydick Hey please make sure you're tagging NSFW images as "Sensitive Content"

@johnnyrubber So comfy and so nerve-wracking to take off, I just want to wear it forever ;)

@johnnyrubber There's so much traffic would need to do a little bit of analysis on the logs

@londonchastitysub I'll was running CloudFront in front of S3 in Nov and it was pretty pricey, I should double check that this isn't more expensive, heh.

Blah, S3 transfer costs for this instance were $60 last month, trending to be even more this month. Wonder if silencing flooders on other instances will help? Or if I need to actually suspend people here, though there's only like 4 accounts with 1,000+ toots...

Sir likes to see how slow he can make the milker go

@jomitch5 please mark NSFW content with the "Sensitive Content" button

@kinkyrubber @Bootblackcub @johnnygear Also heptane is pretty nasty, do it in a well ventilated area. I probably get it on my skin more than I should but absolutely keep it out of your face/eyes

@kinkyrubber @Bootblackcub @johnnygear Yep try to get as much of the old glue off as you can with some Bestine (heptane) before trying to reglue

@Bootblackcub I do lots of repairs, let me know if you have any questions ;)

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