@solarbear Just lean into it and walk around in just an apron and a comically large sword

Some downtime today to upgrade the database for rubber.social to postgres 13.1. For some reason my sidekiq processes keep periodically locking up and this was my next thing to try...

Who wants to drink the Fơ̶̹̟r̶̘̐̀b̴͉̰̈idden Sleep̷͓̅s̸̨̐̔â̴̹̭͌ċ̷̥͓̊k J̸͕̃ủ̵̠i̸̪̽̐ce?!

@crazy_pony I don't know any events that will be for sure in-person next year, for MIR it's too far out to know what sort of restrictions (travel, capacity or otherwise) we'll still have.

There are some gear chats on Telegram that I could refer you to if you message me there (same handle)

MIR24 is going virtual! We're kicking off tonight with a replay of last years MIR23 contest. Catch it at mirubber.com/live/

If your gimp hasn't voted yet this month be sure to let them out just long enough to do so!

@bedtimedrillsgt I switched on account approval. I get like 15 spammy account requests a week but at least I don't have to clean up after them when I remove them now

Seems like every 2-3 days there's some Thai spam bots that register and post crap, so going to experiment with requiring for approval for sign-ups...

@bootblackCub I have taken a class or two on music theory for guitar that were super interesting, but every time I sit down with my guitar it just doesn't connect at all...

@aphyr I always assumed it was more of an aesthetic than anything scientifically sound, but I suppose I also never read the tumblr post...

@crazy_pony @yaoi_kitten Hmmm, I'll have to read up on content-security-policies, unfortunately I'm on vacation this week but I can look at it next week?

@aphyr It used to be a giant checklist/wizard, so this is an improvement?

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