Did you really do your laundry if you didn't snap each of your t-shirts in the air before folding them?

A friend is trying to get me to go to a non-kink thing the same weekend as GearBlast:US, and it's really tempting to say "Sorry I have gay stuff I can't get out of"

@okiesub @aphyr Last time I went it sure did feel like the event was run by process fetishists 🤣

Out riding with @rocket_pup@twitter.com and @chicagogear@twiter.com this weekend and stumbled on a hot air balloon race!

Cow-orker mentioned they've been distributing these stickers around everywhere and well clearly from an environmental perspective it's the only reasonable option

@gummitroi We had a nice week last month, but yes now it's nice in earnest ;)

Finally got out on the bike this afternoon after taking it apart last week! Sir was horny over my bike leathers...

📸 @chicagogear@twitter.com

@Orion Mixing them with whole milk instead of water helps a ton, and adds bonus macros if that's what you're going for

As part of our DEI efforts Mr. International Rubber is conducting a perception survey to help us be more inclusive and better serve our community. If you've attended MIR, thought about attending MIR, or your aunt's gimp's third cousin mentioned MIR we want to hear from you!


@okiesub @aphyr @furioursus Picking a slack avatar at a new job... "Uhhh I guess this pic isn't too much underarmor..."

@okiesub @aphyr I've been wheeled around on a gurney at IML. The amusing part is when people think there's an actual medical emergency going on...

@Gallypup You could hide the bulge by wearing a drag suit over the jammer

@bootblackcub I wash them with dish soap to get all the lube off and then store them in individual ziploc bags.

I might not be the best example cause I use silicone lube with mine, but it just takes the shine off a little, haven't noticed any other adverse effects

@tone Seems pretty likely! Welcome to the fediverse :)

Server Admin Note: taking some downtime tonight to move some things around and run updates. Your regular programming will resume shortly!

@aphyr let he among us who has not automated their sex cast the first stone

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