@crazy_pony @yaoi_kitten Hmmm, I'll have to read up on content-security-policies, unfortunately I'm on vacation this week but I can look at it next week?

@aphyr It used to be a giant checklist/wizard, so this is an improvement?

This new leather lined sleepsack is sooo amazingly thick, it's going to be dangerous when it's broken in...

Blah, sidekiq for mastodon seems to crap out every few weeks, any other instance admins seeing that?

I've set up some alerts so I'll at least get notified right away next time...

I keep seeing pics of the black Holy Trainers and thinking about how sleek they look, and get a little embarrassed… twitter.com/i/web/status/11127

"Why is your arm so slimy?" "Because I was playing with Johnny earlier and he's full of lube!" @rubberfreak @chicagogear

I typically don't like politics on horny accounts, but this is directly related... twitter.com/saraspot/status/10

@ygltrem Please mark NSFW images as Sensitive Content (eye icon)

@Jimmydick Hey please make sure you're tagging NSFW images as "Sensitive Content"

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