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Can't believe I don't have 'administrator' in my list of gender neutral kink honorifics yet

Psssst @johnnygear can has instance update plz? :3 I have gear pics!

Hmm you know what would make this MORE FUN? Chain of custody forms.

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I fucking _love_ anything 'tamper evident'. These are the keys for my wrist cuff and some plastic tubing from Lowe's (left over from another project >.>)

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Yeah I'm going to adopt some policy soon around people flooding with non-OC content... in the meantime I've silenced a few accounts. I'd like to encourage original content and community.

**Server Question**
I'm thinking about clarifying our policy on posting random pictures (not: original content).

Basically, showing off something enticing is fine, with a comment and preferably with link to the source (where the creator/actor is going to be paid), but no endless strings of random pictures.

This is a kink community, not a stream of porn pics.


(Boost please for exposure)

If your first instinct here is to start spamming your tumblr archive of dubiously sourced generic porn images, go aaaaaaawaaaaaaaaay

update mastodon Update Mastodon UPDATE MASTODON pls <3

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