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Saw this in my feed and just had to highlight this bottoms ball sack!

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This photo circulated this morning and when I saw it was like HOLLY SHIT, this has to photoshopped right? If not DAMN only thing to do with this is throw it over your shoulder and burp it!

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Sensitive content 

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You can tell a well trained sub by the rotation of his ball weights! That's a Wax On move...

I enjoy topping for a bottom who knows how he likes it!

Hard rule when you draw blood youโ€™ve gone a step too far time to switch it up

Watch this tops balls disappear as he shoots volley after volley of cum into this bottom - his pulsating cock is beautiful site!

I want a sub who enthusiastically wears this and drains me dry...

The amount of control this took is Amazing...if it's really cum - I would lick the condom clean!

Love the feeling of my sack flopping like this after a good pump session!

I can play all three of these positions but my skill diminish going from right to left ;)

@transscrotal another Tumblr refugee who has awesome taste in his CBT posts!

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