As *that guy*s go, I’m happy being the one who brings baked goods to meetings! (Banana Bread for lactase persistent people and brownies for wild type people)

Happy Pride month everyone! Remember, even if you managed nothing else, you survived this hellish year! You deserve to be proud of that!

On weekends, hypnotise your gainer/muscleboy into thinking he’s an oversized cuddly toy or maybe even an inflatable bed. Then snuggle in for a nice comfy nap.
There’s few things better than knowing someone is so comfortable with you and feels so safe around you that they fall asleep on you. That’ll stick long after the suggestion wears off.

I got my grades for the last term. A A A A B+. I’m happy with that. Now to do it again for one last semester.

I got morphed!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 Thank you to @Morph_D on Twitter!!!

Also! Hi! I’m Adam! I also go by Pup Buff or Atlas the Circus Strongbull depending on how pup or furry were being. I love spandex, rubber, hypnosis, power transfer, bondage, transformation, gainers, muscle boys, himbos and I’m a massive exhibitionist. I’m a switch-bottom.
I’m also a big ol’ nerd and I will gladly talk video games, anime and cell or molecular biology with you until it’s way too late.
Part kinky part not, I enjoy coaching people in the gym and helping them achieve their goals.

One day, I’m going to learn how to relax in my evenings again. I started playing a video game, then got distracted and did my tax return.
Someone hypnotise me so my brain switches off at 9 or something. I don’t know!
Make it so after the clock strikes [hour], I just want to play video games or do cardio in a thong and plug and post cute selfies of it on here. That sounds like way more fun!

When coach makes you edge through your gym leggings after a hard workout. 😁

I wish all of you get to experience someone trusting you so much they fall asleep on you.

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