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Can't believe I don't have 'administrator' in my list of gender neutral kink honorifics yet

Psssst @johnnygear can has instance update plz? :3 I have gear pics!

Hmm you know what would make this MORE FUN? Chain of custody forms.

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I fucking _love_ anything 'tamper evident'. These are the keys for my wrist cuff and some plastic tubing from Lowe's (left over from another project >.>)

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@Theswr Most people are sharing their content with content warnings. You can set them to show under a Settings > Preferences > Media Display

Yeah I'm going to adopt some policy soon around people flooding with non-OC content... in the meantime I've silenced a few accounts. I'd like to encourage original content and community.

**Server Question**
I'm thinking about clarifying our policy on posting random pictures (not: original content).

Basically, showing off something enticing is fine, with a comment and preferably with link to the source (where the creator/actor is going to be paid), but no endless strings of random pictures.

This is a kink community, not a stream of porn pics.


(Boost please for exposure)

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