@Paddedrob thank you very much :3 I'll talk of this with him

@Paddedrob I have my boyfriend that is my keyholder. Thanks for let me know ChastiKey I never heard about it before ^^

So the poll is going towards chastity.
This time I decided to put a smaller ring as a punishment and to boost me. (I need to shave my self as soon as possible).
Btw even if I failed 11 days (a record for me), I'll promise to be good, restarting from here.
Day one πŸ”’

Meanwhile I'll stay locked

Yesterday I played a bit with my cage and I cummed πŸ™ˆ I'm really sorry I stayed in chastity only 11 days, I just want to be honest with you but it was beginning really difficult to hold on :(
Yesterday evening I washed my self and I putted the cage on again... should I restart?

Day 7 πŸ”’
In the last period socks touch my buttons very much, so why don't begin to put this week always the same white socks to see how they become? :3 I can't wait to give them a deep sniff at the end of the week as a reward if I'll be good.. Mmh well I think after one week of chastity my horny thoughts are becoming so powerful xD

@joxur7 thank you! ^^ I'm searching for other lockedboys account, but I'm finding some difficult with the different mastodon server, since some pictures/tags are hidden

Day 6 πŸ”’
I'm out this sunday, so it was time for a cage check :)

Day 5 πŸ”’
I'm beginning to forget while I do my activities that I'm a locked boy 😝

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