So the poll is going towards chastity.
This time I decided to put a smaller ring as a punishment and to boost me. (I need to shave my self as soon as possible).
Btw even if I failed 11 days (a record for me), I'll promise to be good, restarting from here.
Day one πŸ”’

Meanwhile I'll stay locked

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Yesterday I played a bit with my cage and I cummed πŸ™ˆ I'm really sorry I stayed in chastity only 11 days, I just want to be honest with you but it was beginning really difficult to hold on :(
Yesterday evening I washed my self and I putted the cage on again... should I restart?

Day 7 πŸ”’
In the last period socks touch my buttons very much, so why don't begin to put this week always the same white socks to see how they become? :3 I can't wait to give them a deep sniff at the end of the week as a reward if I'll be good.. Mmh well I think after one week of chastity my horny thoughts are becoming so powerful xD

Day 6 πŸ”’
I'm out this sunday, so it was time for a cage check :)

Day 5 πŸ”’
I'm beginning to forget while I do my activities that I'm a locked boy 😝

This morning I woke up a bit slutty :3
Also yesterday I discovered that I'm on ride for the international chastity male day which lasts until Valentine's Day, so this will be my goal (31 days of chastity).

Enjoy, this is day three! πŸ”’ πŸ’›

So Today I decided to start a Chastity period, waiting to be emptied later this month. I hope to last as long as possible like a good boy :3
Let's begin! This is day one πŸ”’ 14/01/20

Hello guys, I decided to move from to, to focus this account more on Puppy Play

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