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I should put in my will a clause that someone has a to make a supercut of all the videos I have of @chicagogear com…

"All I do when I visit family is look at porn!" @vagabondageboy

Never know when you might need a fresh pair of zehensocken

tfw you find cute gym boy's github account 😍

The inside of my sleepsack was way more fun than my roommate's party... Also @ArmyPup86 is A++++ best puppo.…

I forget the name for it but this happens a lot in online communities, used to be a thing in forums as well, where…

Bondage is pretty good, but have you ever q-tipped your ears during a really good poop?

Sir said I get a reward for spending the night in my bondage sheath suit

Shit my physical therapist shows me to "keep in mind during your sleepsack marathons"

To be honest, my kinks are more about satisfying my need for bondage than they are about satisfying anyone else's n…

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