This new catsuit was an experiment to see if I could go up to size L and have it still be tight enough. It seems to be successful and now hopefully I'll have less shoulder blowouts!

@johnnygear wow, by L do you mean its off the rack? that's a great fit for one that isnt custom


@bootblackcub Yep, Invincible Rubber, neck entry, size L. I've had terrible luck with custom sized suits, they're always too tight in all the wrong places. European makers seem to love to make stuff too skinny for my American build.

@johnnygear so I've got an off the rack Mr s suit that is perfect around my upper body but super baggy around my ass.

@bootblackcub Ahhh yeah that's tough. The best luck I had for custom measure was with, but I had them measure me themselves at an event.

@johnnygear @bootblackcub Ive been nervous to try a neck entry. I’m afraid of it just blowing out in multiple directions as I squeeze my ass in

@okiesub @bootblackcub Ohhh but no zippers is amazing! My last one did fail in the neck but lasted about as long as any of my other catauits

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