Blah, S3 transfer costs for this instance were $60 last month, trending to be even more this month. Wonder if silencing flooders on other instances will help? Or if I need to actually suspend people here, though there's only like 4 accounts with 1,000+ toots...

@johnnygear I'm assuming the S3 storage is for the videos and pictures? If so, have you got it integrated with CloudFront? No transfer fees from S3 to Cloudfront - and I think cloudfront transfer fees are also lower.

@londonchastitysub I'll was running CloudFront in front of S3 in Nov and it was pretty pricey, I should double check that this isn't more expensive, heh.

@johnnygear I know a lot of instance admins run patrons or other repeat subscriptions from the users to help cover costs.
I'd be happy to put in for it.

@johnnygear anything I could do to help keep this instance running? Happy to chip in some money to help with ongoing server costs.

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