Just am idea what i would love to have as an inflatable pony suit that doubles as an living pooltoy

This image should be an attempt to find someone who reliably makes such suits and is good in communication

@crazy_pony It's such a pity there doesn't seem, AFAIK, any way to simply /inflate/ such a suit and have it remain under (light) pressure - the few I've seen seem to need bouncy castle-style constant air.

Best I've seen was a pretty amazing Toothless. I /think/ I saved that clip somewhere..

Inflating the suit is technically easy, it will have two layers, the horse shaped outer and a human suit shaped inner, and the inflation air is sealed in between thse layers.

I do know the toothless suit.

But my attempts to get in contact with the one company who made that suit left me with worries if i can reliably translate and communicate with them.

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