Das beste am 9€ Ticket ist, ich muß es mir mit meiner Jahreskarte nicht extra kaufen :)

Danke DB

geht jemand von euch am Sonntag dem 29. mit zum Luftboottreffen vom Luftmuseum Amberg?


Gegen das kalte Wasser hilft Neopren :)

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Gerade noch einen schönen zu Impfgegnern gefunden:

Und Gott sprach: "Ich gebe euch Intelligenz"

Impfgegner: "Nehme ich nicht. Wer weiß, was das für Langzeitfolgen hat".

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The Open Hospitality Network aims to provide open federated alternatives to sites like CouchSurfing or Warm Showers. You can follow at:

➡️ @ohn

The project website is at openhospitality.network

Hospitality exchange platforms help travellers find accommodation free of charge. Some of them specialise in cyclists, others for general travellers.

#OpenHospitalityNetwork #OpenHospitality #HospitalityExchange #Travel #Cycling #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Accommodation #Cyclists

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Don't usually like putting myself Out There on the public timeline like this, but since we're having an influx of new users: #feditips #otherkin #therian #alterhuman

We've got lots of furry instances here, but a lot of instances are pro-otherkin/therian/alterhuman as well! (If you don't know what those terms mean: en.wikifur.com/wiki/Alterhuman )

Instances that have a lot of nonhuman folks and are welcoming:

plural.cafe (for members of plural/multiple systems)

Feel free to add your own instance as a friendly one!

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The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

ich freue mich auf die kommenden CSD-Termine, wer geht mit?

@volpeon oh, i dont know "misskey" and i did not intend to refer to that one

My comment goes to how the picture displays "no formatting" above a person with sad face, but "cat ear avatars" and "emoji reactions" above a person with happy face

Thats what seems to be the major selling point for discord
So for me this implies that people are happy when they got that "bling" but beeing sad when they have to use a medium that focuses on text content

durchgeschwitzt aber 14km mehr in der Natur unterwegs gewesen

Was benutzt man heutzutage in Deutschland an Foren, Eventkalendern und Chaträumen, die nicht exklusiv nur per Mobilfon (wie Telegram) benutzt werden können?

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+++ Werbeunterbrechung +++

Der frischgebackene Diplominformatiker hinter diesem Account sucht einen IT-Job und wünscht sich, dabei an & mit FLOSS arbeiten zu können.
Ort: #Dresden oder remote
Meine Themenschwerpunkte waren P2P Netzwerke und deren Sicherheit, Privatsphäre, IT Sicherheitsgrundlagen. Programmiertechnisch fühle ich mich in Python wohl, Linux-Adminerfahrung habe ich für meine privaten Dienste.

Kennt ihr da was?

Mehr Infos: schmittlau.ch/pages/profession

/cc @jobangebot


I habe mir diesen Hundsgugel-Helm gekauft, dachte ich müßte den nur auspolstern und Kinngurt anbringen um den zu tragen.
Aber das Visier kann ich nicht weit genug herunterklappen, es kratzt über die Messingknöpfe und steckt fest bevor die Augenschlitze unter die Stirnkante vor mein gesicht kommen.

Habt ihr Ideen wie ich das umbauen kann, oder wer das als Metallbauauftrag annehmen würde?

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I bought this Hundsgugel Helmet, thinking i would just need to stuff it with paddings and add a chin strap to make it wearable. But i can not turn the visor anywhere near down as far as needed, it collides with the brass knobs around the face and before the eyeslits are under the top of the face opening in front of my face.

Do you have an idea what i can modify to solve this?

I think i need at least to remove and reattach the visor but i feel not skilled to do strong and shiny metalwork myself

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Okay, so: German court decided on Jan. 20th 2022 that sites will need to host Google fonts locally.

Visitors are otherwise entitled to receive 100€ in recompensation for Google fonts transferring IP numbers to Google servers.
Google uses fonts to track users, especially if they are logged into only one other server, where stored personal data might identify them.

Court decision text in German (Landgericht München)


#google #tracking #fonts #liability #germany #funny

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fuck yeah, all advertising tracking that uses IAB Europe's system (including facebook, google, and others) have just been found to be in violation of the GDPR, and must delete all data collected under this scheme.

here's hoping large fines for these assholes are incoming.



I am not sure if there is something going wrong, but i get repeatedly messages from you that i do not exactly understand why.

Sorry but i am not interested in someone doing erotic artwork.

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Irgendwas mit #Crypto und #NFTs, aber.. nicht verstanden, worüber 'das Netz' schon wieder streitet?

Ganz einfach:

NFTs = Alles im Netz wird verkaufbar = alles gehört irgendwem. (Wem wohl?)

Offenes, freies Netz ist das Gegenteil davon: Teilen, Wissen, Information für alle.

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Friendly reminder: While #Codeberg is for everyone, not everyone is on Codeberg.

Tying collaboration to your projects to a platform raises the barrier for fly-by contributors. Whether you are on Codeberg, #GitHub, some #GitLab or #Gitea instances, we always recommend to prominently state multiple contact information, so people can also send bug reports and patches, e.g. via E-Mail.

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