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[October 2020 - 1st visit of @Rikki_Chrome - pic 6 on 7]

It's been a while I haven't fisted a guy upside-down... 😈

[October 2020 - 1st visit of @Rikki_Chrome - pic 1 on 7]

It took time, but @Rikki_Chrome eventually visited me...
Look at this rubber gimp waiting for fun !

[Locktober 2020 - two weeks]

And Soumis1533 is still locked for after 2 weeks. Looks like he'll be able to make the full month.

[Locktober 2020 - one week]

So, Soumis1533 made his first week in chastity for . I hope he will be proud to reach the full month.

[Locktober 2020 - video 1]

Soumis1533 wanted to experiment this year... but he needed a keyholder to ensure he's not failing...
So, here he is ! I'll check he stays under chastity for the whole month. 😈
Follow on my profile...

[September 2020 - visit of @Lanka65710034 - pic 3 on 6]
I think he's waiting for something... 😈

[September 2020 - visit of @Lanka65710034 - pic 2 on 6]
Now, I think you're in a good position !

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - Video 1 - Long]

The long version of the video of the transformation of Riggs last October... 25 minutes...

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - Video 1 - Short]

@RiggsOnKink loved the pink mohawk I made him in May...
I've decided to go further when he visited me in October. And the result was great !

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - Video 1 - preview]

Coming soon : the video of the transformation...

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