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[January 2020 - First visit for @BoundPissPigRy - 1st day picture 2]

Let's find an interesting position...

[January 2020 - First visit for @BoundPissPigRy - 1st day picture 1]

Package arrived !

[January 2020 - First visit for @BoundPissPigRy - 1 week before]

@BoundPissPigRy is craving a haircut !

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[January 2020 - First visit for @BoundPissPigRy - 2 weeks before]

@BoundPissPigRy has 2 more weeks to wait under chastity...

[2nd visit of @Lanka65710034 - Pic 8 on 8]

Fisted ! πŸ‘Š
He told me after : it was his first time ! 😊 🍾πŸ₯‚

[January 2020 - First visit for @BoundPissPigRy - 3 weeks before]

@BoundPissPigRy is gonna visit me in January. He's in chastity until then. And his hair is still growing... 😈

[First visit of @Lanka65710034 - Pic 1 on 4]

Promising first visit... I'm sure there's more to explore in the future... 😈

Bonus from the weekend as gimp for @RiggsOnKink : fucked by the fuck-machine with the pighole...

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