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SkinLatex from Paris...
So Tumblr is closing the adult content and I'm searching what would be the solution for tomorrow... ;-)
@SKinLatexParis on Twitter

[December 2018 visit from @devilbondageboy - 4 days before]

So, @devilbondageboy visit me next Sunday... He put my padlock on his cage and trained to drink huge amount of piss... and he let his hair grow...
It's gonna be a fun time !

[Folsom Europe Berlin 2018]

A nice memory from Folsom Europe… @devilbondageboy seriously needed an haircut that fits his new skin gear… and I was glad to help… 😈

[December 2018 first meeting with Dog_jasper - 3 weeks before]

OK, I was not absolutely please with the last picture... so slave made a new one and it's better...

Post from 29/11/2018 :

[December 2018 first meeting with Dog_jasper - one month before]

So, new slave to visit me in exactly one month… and he’s already very excited… One picture to come every week since that… stay tuned !

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