[December 2019 - First visit for @gimpwilly - Picture 10]

And I transformed him in my own private toilet...

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - day 4 picture 6]

And to finish the day, let's piss in this rubberpunk... Drink it ! 🐷

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - day 3 picture 2]

Public toilets : the difficulty of pissing with a cage... 😈

[May 2019 - Further transformation for @RiggsOnKink - picture 6 on 17]

And, as usual, there's nothing like piss to rinse...

[January 2019 fun with @u_sneaky - pic 6]

And, of course, rinsing with piss... He knew I'd do that... He told me he had a big smile all long of it...

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