[January 2020 - First visit for @BoundPissPigRy - picture 23 on 23]

Edging time ! He has been a good slave... he had an happy ending...

[January 2020 - First visit for @BoundPissPigRy - 2 weeks before]

@BoundPissPigRy has 2 more weeks to wait under chastity...

[January 2020 - First visit for @BoundPissPigRy - 3 weeks before]

@BoundPissPigRy is gonna visit me in January. He's in chastity until then. And his hair is still growing... 😈

[December 2019 - First visit for @gimpwilly - 4 days before]

This week-end I allowed @gimpwilly to unlock just the time to shave... and ordered to get back into chastity as soon as finished...

[December 2019 - First visit for @gimpwilly - 1 week before]

@gimpwilly is still locked... and getting horny... 😈

[December 2019 - First visit for @gimpwilly - 2 weeks before]

So I've accepted to receive @gimpwilly as a slave in December. He's got 2 more weeks to wait before... and I ordered him to get into chastity until then. 😈

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - day 4 picture 6]

And to finish the day, let's piss in this rubberpunk... Drink it ! 🐷

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - day 3 picture 2]

Public toilets : the difficulty of pissing with a cage... 😈

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - day 1 picture 1]

Package well arrived...

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - the day before]

After one week of chastity, @RiggsOnKink is getting horny as hell... It's gonna be a kinky week-end ! 😈

[October 2019 - More transformation for @RiggsOnKink - 1 week before]

So @RiggsOnKink will visit me next week... for the moment, he's under chastity until that... Let's continue the transformation... 😈

Last week-end, I had the visit of a kinky bastard... and it has been fun !

I'll see later if I post more of it...

[May 2019 - Further transformation for @RiggsOnKink - picture 13 on 17]

I think he really wants more...

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