I know a lot of you don't like Facebook but it does have its good points 🥰 I'm supporting Mermaids this year.

Just had this beautiful bouquet of flowers Sent to us from a friend in Germany for our Blessing day 🥰

You can do more than you realise.
Release your inner awesome ☺️

Yay my L❤️VE light is looking great and will be in Church for our marriage blessing ❤️

One resin project finished and a new one started. The love light will be on display during our Marriage blessing on monday.

Meeting with our Church Minister this evening to discuss our Marriage blessing service next Monday ☺️

Good afternoon everyone xx wishing you a great weekend ahead xxxx

New resin moulds, little Keepsake boxes with lids. Square one here but there's also a heart and a flower shaped box too

I made a Rose quartz and flowers pyramid looks beautiful (even if one of the flowers slipped during curing)

Happy customer sent me a couple of photos of my pyramids in their new home 🥰

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