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Anal training 

Well, very proud of myself. I reached my largest dildo. 10" length and 3" circumference. I know that's old had to some people but it's taken me a while.

You're grown. You've spent your days working. You're a hard working guy. Bussy? No. You're a man. You've got mussy.... For men.

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so you know how there are those weird reality-denying conspiracy groups, like people that believe the world is flat.
I've decided to start one for kink. Namely that all chastity is fake. no one is or has ever been in chastity.

He seemed much more comfortable and receptive the second time around, and he told me that he felt that way, too. We made a lot more progress on helping him explore more uninhibited sexual play, and I suggested some "homework" for him -- homework that I know he will enjoy doing very much. 😉

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cw: d/s +, lewd wholesome posting 

Hey, all you cutie subs out there where your dom was shitty to you and now you don't have a dom. I'm you're domme now. Drink a glass of water, make sure you take your meds. Wrap up in this blanket and watch cartoons. Get a good night's rest. You're doing great.

Fetish gear 

Hmm. Can't figure out if I like how I look in this hood or not

In Sheffield for the day. Immediately the recon app starts pinging. Ah the joys of being fresh meat in an area

So turns out I'm bootblacking for an event tonight. Completely forgot I offered

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