I haven't been on in a while, so I may as well share some of what I've been working on since then. (especially as we're aware Twitter is now imitating Tumblr) - byesssss! #fetishphotography #fetishphotographer #gear365 #rubber #leather #kink #kinkphotography

so, atm im kind of using my bear community account as my kinky/NSFW mastodon. follow me there at @bootblackcub

advertising a hypnofetish server; pls boost 

i'm trying my hardest to bring attention to a hypnofetish server that's open only to lgbtq+ people. it's small at the moment, but if more people can join, then the more it will blossom into a space where we gays can engage in our kinks but without the threat of bigotry apparent in other hypno servers.


good news, legal victory, lewd 

oh good. those laws were so abominable and used to peruse people who had done nothing wrong

sooo, looks like next to no posts are coming over from bear.community onto my follow list

I'm wondering if I should move my account to bear. Community? Hmm

where is there not good woosion combo for the words sexy and cute?

Haven't posted for a while, been spending too much time play beat sabre.

Remeber to breath deep. Unhunch yourself, straighten the spine so you can let more of the lovely oxygen in.

tf / plushification procedure // 

1. Hug a plush
2. Pull blanket over you and the plush
3. Forget which one is the plush
4. There's 1 human and 1 plush under the blanket. Thus, there's a 50% chance you are the plush (in which case you should snuggle your human)

*additional plushes may be hugged to increase your odds

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