Fetish gear 

Hmm. Can't figure out if I like how I look in this hood or not

walmarts selling plushy suits!

alas, we have none in the uk. but i wana have a bondage scene using a teddbear suit so bad

My new purchase today. Sorry I couldn't take a photo without the mouth so off center

Anal nsfw 

So I'm giving training myself to open up another go

lots of pagan themed sexyness appearing on my timelines tonight.

So discovered this little tool for picking out pickled onions.
I wonder what else it could be used for

Today I got posted a set of underwear I am under orders to wear while at work.


fun session with a dom. one of the best bondage scenes iI've had.
inside the boot there was his leather gloves he used for smoking cigars. wonderful mix of smells

when you try and find all the gay porn blogs you used to follow on tumblr

kink, sexy boy in rubber 

so I won the wrestling match at the weekend, so this was my reward.

Hypno. Spiral gif 

A friend just sent me this rather soothing gif.

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